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Quote Me Tuesday: No Cycle City

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Last Friday the weather here was warm with September sunshine prompting a much needed cobweb clearing ride along the coast.  A fabulous day was had by all, a picnic by the coast always a pleasure to be savoured but, in missing the last Ferry home, catching the train was the our only option.  Travelling by train here in Liverpool is not a cycle friendly option!

Three stations and two trains later we had experienced a lift out of order, leaving us no option but to take a hike up two flights of steps, no space to safely anchor our bikes whilst on board and finally, an apparent lack of lift (or direction to said lift) at the final station.

Frustrated and bruised, this weeks Quote me Tuesday illustrates how well our European counterparts embrace cycle friendly travel as well as a little dose of inspiration a la ‘Tour de Chic’. Ride on……

Quote Me Tuesday: Sound of summer

Back to work and raring to go today after what has been a fabulous laid back weekend spent with the other half cycling, record digging and cooking some scrummy food! So, feeling lighthearted and with the last week of warm summer sunshine predicted, Quote Me Tuesday this week, for me, sums up long summer days, slow travelling, breathing the air and indulging in the joys of two wheeled travel!

She rides from michele Lugaresi on Vimeo.