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Why creating really good copy can be really great.

Creative Avoidance is a fledgling business with a real passion for the written word. We are very well rounded team of two offering a straight forward, no-nonsense service at a great price. Newly launched but bringing a wealth of experience, our job is simply to create really good copy. Why only good and not great, exceptional or outstanding? Because good can actually be great (then there’s always room to work on being great!)

We are not swimming with the big boys in advertising or creating academic texts for literary journals we simply enjoy the art of communicating a brand, product or service in a way which reflects the ethos and values of that company. Good is exactly where we need to be.

Good means….

* Satisfying customer need without over perfection
* Delivering on time, every time
* Pricing competitively
* Being approachable and ready for constructive criticism
* Adaptable to the changing needs of new and small businesses

So if you are a small business or start up looking to create written content for web and print, think how ‘good’ can work for you.

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