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Quote Me Tuesday: An interesting Twitter journey

I have been a watcher on Twitter for some time now, checking in every now and then to see exactly what everyone is talking about only to not really ‘get it’.  Having prepared well, researched, researched some more then created a personalised background I wanted the proverbial penny to drop.  Finally it has and you know why? Because this last week I started tweeting, engaging with all that information out there and really paying attention to what fellow tweeters are saying.

There are still many out there who bombard you with ‘buy now/must read/sell sell sell*’ (*delete as appropriate) but there is also some interesting people out there who dedicate huge amounts of time to sharing information and links.  Of course for many, this is a route to increasing their web traffic or sales conversions but I guess, like me, you find this kind of soft selling much more palatable.

So, my twitter journey has finally started and long may it continue.  This week my brain has been excitedly buzzing with new ideas and information gleaned from inspired posts, useful links and some pretty interesting people!  In fact, one such person inspired the Quote Me Tuesday post this week and comes from Umair Haque, Director of the Havas Media Lab. His article in the Harvard Business Review outlining his take on the current economic situation and the possible future shift is intriguing and inspiring.  If you don’t already follow Umair on Twitter, what are you waiting for!

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