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Quote Me Tuesday: Abandoning the Rescue Fantasy

Every Monday I receive a ‘Kick in the Ass’ from Dave Navarro (for those of you that don’t receive this interesting weekly email in the inbox, you really should subscribe). This week resonated loudly having spent the last couple of years really looking at my own thought patterns and behaviours, which were deeply rooted within societal norms and conformity.

Dave’s post neatly sums up my ever present childhood subconscious of the happily ever after, the belief that ‘if only this happened then…’ instead of actually taking stock, appreciating the present, engaging with the journey and acknowledging the power we all inherently hold to bring about changes in out our own lives.  When did we stop thinking for ourselves and start believing the fairytales?!  For your own little piece of inspiration this rather rainy Tuesday, read the full article here.

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