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Quote Me Tuesday: Be a part of History in the Making

This Sunday will see one of those numerically unusual dates arise which we rarely see but which captures the attention of so many of us (I know it certainly creates a kind of childhood fascination in me!). So, it will be the tenth day of the tenth month of the tenth year, and a seemingly proactive taking action kind of date worldwide.

Take for example A Global Day of Doing organised by 10:10 org with the intention of encouraging all of us to do something on Sunday which has an impact (even if only a tiny weeny bit) on reducing our carbon emissions.  I for one am planning to go technology free for the day eek!

What really inspired me most this week however is the one day on earth project, which is of course this weeks Quote Me Tuesday. This is a fantastically creative international collaboration bringing together filmmakers of all abilities to record their own piece of the planet on, yes you guessed it, Sunday 10th October 2010.

This is a huge project providing the opportunity for us all to get involved whether amateur, professional, or simply plain old human being to create a meaningful and spectacular piece of history.  There is still time to register according to their website so be quick and you might just be in for a Sunday to remember……..

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