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Quote Me Tuesday: Why screwing up needn’t be such a bad thing

Jonah Lehrer, Wired Jan 2009

The last week has been interesting and challenging in equal measure!  Some projects running to plan whilst others have been frustratingly lacking the creative direction I planned.  I stumbled upon a great article showing exactly why sometimes the direction and outcome you plan do not necessarily transpire and, more importantly, it highlights the fact that a different outcome can yield spectacular results.  The article is a lengthy one so grab a cuppa, settle in for a little while and read it here.

If you have never used a copywriter, you should read this……

Now generally our blog is usually just a little space for posting those snippets of information and imagery that we find inspiring and simply want to share.  However, this is one of posts that kind of evolved from a series of conversations this last month, leading to a realisation that many of you don’t actively seek to use a copywriter but instead will be struggling in-house to find your own voice, unable to create that elusive ‘interesting and engaging’ content for your marketing efforts.

Why the hesitancy? Well our sources reliably inform us that it can be for many reasons but generally it is an assumption that is will be expensive and difficult to manage (and with so many writers out there, where do you start!).

Our advice is simple research, research some more then actually talk to a copywriter – not necessarily us I might add, that depends on what you need!.  In fact, talk to as many as you can then ask lots of questions. Be clear on budget and goals then decide what you expect from your copywriter.  Is it a Ford model (practical, affordable and reliable), Rolls Royce (sophisticated, reassuringly expensive, big hitter) or something in-between. Then decide what, if any, concessions you can make.

If you look at your website and other communication tools and feel that they just lack that little bit of creative oomph or perhaps they no longer actually create the image or message you hope to convey you have nothing to lose in talking to those in the know.  Lets face it, unless you have an in-house team of super creatives who know you and your business inside out and, regularly update your content, you might be sending out the wrong signals.

So, if you are stuck for reasons to consider using a copywriter here’s some food for thought…………