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Quote Me Tuesday: Why screwing up needn’t be such a bad thing

Jonah Lehrer, Wired Jan 2009

The last week has been interesting and challenging in equal measure!  Some projects running to plan whilst others have been frustratingly lacking the creative direction I planned.  I stumbled upon a great article showing exactly why sometimes the direction and outcome you plan do not necessarily transpire and, more importantly, it highlights the fact that a different outcome can yield spectacular results.  The article is a lengthy one so grab a cuppa, settle in for a little while and read it here.

Wired inspired

It has been a rather wet and grey week in Liverpool, in fact, it has been this way for nearly all of July so finding a little creative spark has been somewhat of challenge!  However, inspiration finally struck coming in the unlikely form of some little pieces of twisty wire – found during a very wet evening spent clearing the ‘make, do & mend’ chest of drawers.  My drawers by the way are packed with those seemingly strange bits and bobs which get reinvented into cards, gift wrapping and just about any crafty project I can muster!

As with all these kind of chores, the welcome diversion of shiny objects never fails to excite and inspire me and I found myself absent-mindedly twisting the wire around my finger.  Unable to resist that good old creative urge, I abandoned the task in hand and instead got to work creating a twisty wire ring, well two actually!  My poor old drawers are still in a sorry state but I love the new rings so I thought I would share some pics…….