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Quote Me Tuesday: simple pleasures

Creative avoidance

Lori Danelle, Fingerprint paper cut 2010

This weeks Quote Me Tuesday comes from a blog I regularly read and love, a site I tend to visit during those snatched mid afternoon breaks on those occasions when my brain decides that creative input is required…… perfect for sipping a coffee and nibbling a sweet treat!.

I have a personal obsession with paper crafts so was instantly drawn to the topic of the latest post, highlighting the beautifully executed work of Lori Danelle.

To view the post in full, visit and enjoy the fabulous posts this little blog has to offer.

Quote Me Tuesday: A place to engage & explore

Liverpool Biennial, Creative Avoidance

Liverpool Biennial, Liverpool 2010

Friday last week saw the launch of the Liverpool Biennial, an event I look forward to with huge excitement. The city fills with colour and depth, encouraging wanderings and exploration of galleries and public spaces, giving time to escape the cooler, darker autumn days (I cannot actually believe it has been two years since the last event!).

This year seems particularly prolific with around 45 places and spaces to see, explore and get involved.  A great place to start is on Renshaw Street in what was once Rapid Hardware but now a completely empty store providing the perfect backdrop to a diverse and eclectic gathering of international artistic talent  (just avoid the young female volunteer on the first floor if you hope to wander around with a coffee,  you will be barked at regardless of the fact that you may be an adult fully in control of a covered coffee vessel!).

There is no such censorship of the artwork so darkness and brutal depictions are blatant and thought provoking at times, other pieces alternating between the grotesque and the mundane.  The Time Bank is my personal favourite, particularly given my personal endeavours to increase the trading of skills and reduce consumption generally. There is an overall theme throughout, bringing over consumption and capitalism sharply into focus. Definitely worth a visit  or two!

There is so much more to to see so, this weeks Quote Me Tuesday comes, of course , from the Liverpool Biennial….. read, go explore and enjoy!