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How do I make a request?

Through our online system which has been set up to make the process quick, easy and painless.

1 - Register. This is simply your basic company details including your chosen password and log in details
2 - Log in and build your Company Profile. Remember that the more detail you give us, the clearer the picture will be about your business
3 - Book a Job whenever it suits (from a beach in California if you really like)

How will I know that my request has been processed and is REALLY what I need?

We like to communicate so there will be no need to chase us for information or updates. Apart from the automatic registration confirmation, we will personally email you (or call if necessary) to confirm receipt of your job request. This will detail exactly what we understand from your notes and clarify any of those ambiguous points.

You retain my details, what are your rules on confidentiality?

Our rules are strict and we do not allow, under any circumstances, the sharing or distribution of your business or personal information. We can sign confidentiality agreements if required and will not contact you about anything other than your job progress. Unless of course you choose to sign up to our irregular mailings. All payments are made through Paypal so one less possible security risk eliminated too.

What happens once my Job request has been logged and checked?

We will organise a quotation and send via email. This of course holds no obligations so you can choose to proceed or not. If you wish to proceed, you simply choose the 'pay job fee now' option and we will securely take the initial payment via secure Paypal link. Quotations are valid for 90 days so if you are planning ahead, life is that little bit simpler.

How long do you take to complete my request?

Timescale will of course vary depending on what you need but a suggested timescale will be noted on the quotation. For larger projects, regular project updates will be sent so you will know exactly where things are up to at any given time.

How do you charge?

There is an initial job fee which is variable depending upon the job request. A 500 word press release will attracta lower fee than a 5000 word web content request. These fees are however set so you know that if you order a press release now and another in 6 months, the initial fee will remain the same (unless of course the annual boring but necessary price rise has come into effect in the meantime!). Charges are then billed per word so you can stick to your budget and let us tackle to task of saying what you mean within the budget constraints.

How are the invoices structured?

The initial fee is always charged simply to begin the contractual agreement and work will not commence until this fee has been received. For single pieces, a second and final invoice will be sent only when the draft has been approved. Once this payment has been received, a word document will be sent and ownership transferred to you. Where there are multi items or complete web content, invoices will be split against percentage of works complete. This will be fully detailed in your quotation.

What if I want to make changes?

Our systems mean that you know, that we know, exactly what you need but we understand that occasionally a brief needs to be changed mid way through a project and we are happy to assist when this is the case. We do however, make additional charges which is usually in the form of a one of fee to cover work completed and the change of direction. The remainder of the works will be invoiced as normal.

I don't like what you have written - what happens then?

We allow for a second draft as standard not because we doubt our expertise but because we know there may be minor (or occasionally major) amendments, particularly if you are a new client on the 'getting to know you' road. If the copy really isn't what you want after the second draft and we have worked within the brief, you can walk away without any further financial outlay.

Do you offer other services?

We stick to what we know best but personally know some exceptional web programmers and graphic designers. If you need a complete project approach we are happy to manage the whole process for you, just call or email for an informal discussion.

I need more information......

Send an e-mail to and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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Quick, easy and exactly what I needed.

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Exceeded expectation, stitched together all the elements seamlessly.

Carol of CDNS Comms,

Interesting and thought provoking, we took a completely different direction than expected. Highly recommended.

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